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Konaci Gradina


About Us

“Tara” is one of most beautiful mountains in one of the most attractive regions of Serbia. Covered with thick coniferous and deciduous forest, surrounded by pastures and meadows, this mountain beauty of Serbia, and the entire continent and certainly deserves its epithet “The Queen of the Mountains”.

The combination of exceptional natural conditions and unique ambiance, the “Tara” mountain is a rare tourist treasure and an ideal place for rest and recreation for all, form professional athletes, hikers, to nature lovers.

The famous “Pancic Spruce”, grows here. This relic and the endemic species from prehistoric times has survived and only exists in this region of the world. This type of Spruce was discovered by great Serbian scientist, Josif Pancic, after which this "new white conifer" was named "Pancic's Spruce".

One Slavic legend says that “Tara” mountain, because of it's numerous and unique natural beauties, has been chosen by the good God “Tar”, to live his divine life on its peaks. The mountain “Tara” got its name after him.

In the very heart of “Tara”, are also our "Konaci Gradina" apartments, in the village of Zaovine, located between two lakes, at 900 m above the sea level.



It consists of four newly built, spacious apartments, ideally adapted for your enjoyment in the serenity of the “Tara” mountain. All apartments are fully equipped for your comfort and relaxing vacation.


Offers & Services

Our Offer
Apartments rental - double, triple, or quadruple occupancy 
 per day


Friday– dinner

Saturday – full board

Sunday – breakfast, and lunch


Friday– dinner

Saturday– a program with a guide, and a full board

Sunday – breakfast, and lunch 




Entrance & the yard


 All apartments have separate entrances, for your complete privacy!



All apartments are cleaned and disinfected before the arrival of new guests, with fresh towels distributed daily during your stay.

"Active Vacation"


Within the "Active Vacation", we offer: walking and cycling tours with our guides

TV i WiFi

All apartments have a TV set and free WiFi connection.




See & Do

More about "Active Vacation"


Hiking tour - less demanding

Tour through the forest and urban area, visiting the “Panciceva Spruce” habitat. Hiking next to the two smaller lakes, visiting freshwater spring, and the site of “Flat Hill” from 6th century B.C.

Hiking tour - medium difficulty

Starting from 2300 ft above the sea level to 5000 ft above the summit of “Zboriste”, trough forest roads and paths, visiting the habitat of “Panciceva Spruce” and brown bears.

Bicycle tour - medium difficult

Tour around Lake “Zaovine”, from 2900 ft to 4200 ft above the sea level. With a breathtaking panoramic view, about 21  miles long.

Swimming-areas and beaches


“Tara” mountain offers plenty during the hot summer days. The mountain climate in combination with several lakes is an ideal opportunity to get away from the city's heat. The distance of the "Konaci Gradina" apartments from the lake beaches are only a few hundred meters (5 to 10 minutes walk depending on the lake).


The big lake in “Zaovine”, is the best place for swimming in crystal clear waters, near the “Lazici” dam. 
Also, on a small lake “Spajalica” under the big lake swimming can be quite an experience. To warn you the water on a small lake is much colder, but when summer temperatures reach over 30°C (85°F), this becomes an ideal place.


Near the “Zaovine” big lake (600 ft from "Konaci Gradina" apartments) there is a restaurant with beautiful views and a great local cousin.

Close by


In the vicinity of the “Tara” mountain there are also unavoidable tourist attractions: “Zlatibor” mountain resort, museum of the railway "Sarganska osmica" (mountain railway marvel of 19th  century), ethnic village “Mecavnik” (“Wooden City” developed and operated by famous Serbian movie director Emir Kusturica) and the well-known “Kremna” (the place famous for its family of  reputed seers, andtheir 
prophecies, in pair with Nostradamus ones).

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